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Troxel Helmet | Terrain with MIPS | Black Duratec

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Embracing your passion for horse riding is an intrinsic part of your identity, whether you feel most at home on the trail or in the show ring. Consequently, prioritizing your safety with a protective equestrian helmet is of utmost importance. By opting for a helmet equipped with the revolutionary Mips® technology, featuring a lightweight, low-friction layer enabling multi-directional movement upon certain angled impacts, you can significantly reduce rotational force to your head during a fall. The Terrain helmet's highly-ventilated, feature-rich design combined with the Mips® safety system ensures not only protection but also a cool, comfortable, and stylish riding experience, empowering you to ride with assurance and peace of mind.

Key Features Include:

  • 12 extra-large vents strategically placed for maximum airflow and cooling
  • Patented Coolcore® headliner moves moisture and sweat away from your body while dissipating heat
  • Headliner is treated with FUZE technology for permanent, chemical-free, anti-odor performance that stands up to even the hottest riding conditions
  • Frontal reinforcement cage for extra impact resistance without impeding ventilation
  • Latest generation, micro-adjustable DialFit™ system for precise fit
  • Mips® technology is based on decades of research studying brain injuries and helmet construction, making it a state-of-the-art protection system featured in helmets across a wide range of activities: horse riding, snowboarding, snow skiing, cycling, motorsports and rock climbing
  • ASTM/SEI-certified