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Prestige X-D2 Zero Luxe Dressage Saddle

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The Prestige X-D2 is built with all riders in mind, featuring a "unisex" tree and many other features making it comfortable for all. The panels of the saddle are designed to distribute the weight of the rider more evenly along the back. The front panels are shaped to give the most freedom to the horse in the shoulder. The tree contains two enlarged membranes, obtained by applying the OTI (“Over Tree Injection”) technological procedure.

  • Front girth straps are secured with heavy duty elastic webbing
  • Anatomically shaped knee blocks
  • Black Luxe calfskin leather
  • M (fits a 33 and 34 tree sizes)
  • Flocked panels with X-Tech 
  • Prestige Italia offers a lifetime warranty on the tree and stirrup bars

Guarantee rider comfort, the gateway to enhanced sports performance. The rear part presents two holes with an elastic membrane where the rider's ischium comes into contact with the saddle, for a softer and more comfortable seat.

Panels fitted onto this tree guarantee comfort and stability for the horse's back. They are made from an elastic honeycomb membrane and a layer of soft rubber. Dacron synthetic fibre is the material of choice for stuffing.