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Gutzbusta Net 60ply | Medium

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GutzBusta® Slow Feed Medium Hay Nets reduce the incidence of colic, choke, stomach ulcers, boredom, hay wastage, and stable vices. All sizes are in 60 ply UV stabilized heat treated polyethylene netting - the strongest on the Australian market.

  • 104cm wide x 89cm high 
  • The Medium can take 4 to 6 biscuits of hay depending on size of biscuits
  • Not sure which hole size?:
    • 3cm square holes are great for the gutsy eaters, ponies and laminitic horses, or
    • 4cm square holes are the most popular size and great for most horses and other livestock too
    • 6cm square holes are available by special order only, so please contact our store for more information